Now Representing: Max Bowden

We are delighted to announce the representation of Max Bowden. This announcement coincides with the artist’s current exhibition, Habits, which sold out on its first day of opening! The artist will present a major solo exhibition in 2022. Welcome to the gallery, Max!⁠

Darwin based artist Max Bowden paints heart-felt depictions of the Top End landscape, providing tangible insights to nature’s power in north Australian climates. Bowden’s plein-air paintings capture the dramatic atmosphere and moods that only the tropical North provides, and their economic simplicity and astute subtlety belie many years of sitting in nature, decanting its essence upon the canvas. Bowden paints quickly, sacrificing detail for feeling, in the hope of sharing and understanding human experience.⁠

In a world that is sometimes difficult to understand, Bowden takes comfort in the habit of sitting still and watching nature. In her paintings, this practice translates to a confident play and deep understanding of natural references and the human-made objects that intrude upon them. Bowden draws upon these references as tools and motifs through which to untangle the idiosyncrasies of human life and the habits of others and to this end, Bowden describes her landscapes as “person-less portraits” – the landscape, piers, houses, weather and cars hint at the funny ways in which people live, struggle and strive. ⁠

Max Bowden was born in Melbourne, Australia and now lives and works in Darwin. She studied visual arts and the Central School of Art in Adelaide, receiving the school’s first ever scholarship. Bowden holds a Bachelor of Visual arts from Charles Darwin University and a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology.⁠

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