Now representing Belem Lett

James Makin Gallery is thrilled to announce the representation of Sydney-based artist, Belem Lett.⁠

Lett’s work plays with light and colour as inseparably the same. The act of painting is considered through the history of gestural abstraction. Reduced to a surface and paint applied with a colour loaded brush. There is an implicit physical momentum involved in Lett’s work; the push/pull, twists, the drag of the brush, the drip, the stop and start. Individual works explore the surface and traditional constraints of the painting through, at times, bouncing off its edges and returning inwards to explore the interior space of the painting. While at others zooming off the edge in a manner, which implies a broader limitless world that we are only seeing a cropped section of.

A major solo exhibition by Belem Lett will be held at the gallery this November. DM or email to register for a PDF preview of Lett’s forthcoming exhibition. Or, head to the artist’s profile to view currently available works.

Other News

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