Antonia Perricone-Mrljak finalist in the Paddington Art Prize

Antonia Perricone-Mrljak has been announced as a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize – congratulations on this well deserved recognition! ⁠

The finalist exhibition will run from 27th October – 6th November.⁠

“Communities cannot exist without space. Immigrants bring a part of themselves with them even though they leave everything else behind. They plant a seed of their culture, their values, their way of thinking in their new space. In our cities we find ethnic layers where people, despite all odds, build a new community from those shared seeds – a garden. The modern ghetto is not exclusionary, it is an authentic invitation to come and feel empathy for a lived experience that someone else cannot not possibly understand. We all define ourselves by community, and in our urban cities we can find enclaves of every flavour and faith. There is hardship and trauma, but the broth is made saltier by those shed tears. It’s important that we understand our own communities, both the ones we have inherited and the ones we have made. We can become more complete and more fulfilled through sharing our true identity and partaking in others. We build on top of each other and are better for it.” – Perricone-Mrljak

To register for a PDF catalogue preview of Antonia Perricone-Mrjak’s forthcoming exhibition, Harvest Day Night, running 22 October to 6 November, please DM or email⁠

Our congratulations again to Antonia and all finalists in the prize!⁠

The artist is pictured here with her finalist work, Emotional Landscape.⁠

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