Now Representing Rebecca Wallis

We are delighted to announce our representation of Rebecca Wallis!

Wallis is an Auckland-based artist, who has exhibited widely across Aotearoa (New Zealand), Australia, Hong Kong, London and Taiwan. Her well-respected presence in Aotearoa (New Zealand) saw her inclusion in the 2021 major publication, 250 years of New Zealand Painting.

With her texturally rich transparent silk canvases, swirling with deep painterly marks, Rebecca Wallis’ practice questions the separation created through desires to fix, and hold. Her work reviews the meaninglessness of our existence. When the ‘I’ collapses, when “who I think I am ruptures and what remains is this strange experience of more”. 

Her constructions consider a formal equality where each and every part of the object is visually acknowledged, where the unseen becomes seen.  She intends to open spaces up for experiences that reconsider our expectations made from the certainty of the tangible – of surface, edges and boundaries. She deconstructs and reforms her silk supports and the ‘traditional’ painted surface, reconfiguring them into something on the precipice – but just outside – of recognition. 

We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Wallis to the galley and look forward to her debut major solo exhibition with us in 2024

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