Belem Lett wins Kangaroo Valley Art Prize

Our congratulations to Belem Lett, who has continued his outstanding year of prize wins and nominations today, taking the winning prize at the Kangaroo Valley Art Prize!! ⁠

Playing with light, colour and movement as inseparable phenomena, Belem Lett considers the act of painting through the history of gestural abstraction. Through a deft application of paint with a colour loaded brush, Lett creates an implicit physical momentum: the push / pull, the twist, the drag of the brush, the drip, the stop and start.

Individual works explore gesture, minimalist reduction, the assertion of the surface and the traditional constraints of the picture plane. The result is work that bounces off its own edges and then returns inwards to explore the interior space of the painting, or zooms off the edge in a manner which implies a broader, perhaps even limitless world just beyond our view.

View the finalist exhibition at the Kangaroo Valley Hall from 30 September – 3 October. ⁠

To enquire about available works by Belem Lett, or to register for a PDF catalogue preview of the artist’s February 2023 major solo exhibition, please email⁠

Artist portrait: Robin Hearfield⁠

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