Sarah Amos has taken this printmaking discipline to a new level due to her persistent
experimentation and her wonderfully refined aesthetic, achieving a subtle and visceral line that is particular to the mono-printing technique. The multiple plate process and layering technique that Amos uses is a wonderful way to achieve a rich painterly surface with both oil paint and etching ink.

This three-day class explores the techniques that are used to create these unique paintings on paper. Students will learn the multiple plate system and its registration capabilities, layering and application of paint, stencilling, incorporating water based drawing techniques and how to make larger prints using the French seam technique through a series of demonstrations. The use of non -toxic materials are also emphasized and discussed at length.

Students can expect to create a body of work (6-12 finished prints) during this weekend
workshop and are encouraged to work by themselves after classes finish for the day.
Sarah Amos lives in East Fairfield, Vermont and maintains an active exhibition schedule of her own work despite her intense commitment to teaching other artists. Amos shows at Reeves Contemporary in New York City, Gerbert Contemporary in New Mexico and Gallery 101 in Melbourne and is on the faculty at Dartmouth College, where she teaches Lithography.

Where: Port Jackson Press Centre for Australian Printmaking
67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood 3066
Ph: 03 9416 3966 E:

When: 1 – 3 March 2008

What Time: 10 am � 5 pm each day

Cost: $400 to be paid on 25 January 2008 (no refunds)

10 � 12 spaces are available for the workshop so be quick, as past classes that Sarah has conducted have filled quickly.

Contact Jackie Hocking on 25th January 2008 on 9416 3966 or email for more details and to pay in full.
Please note Port Jackson Press will be closed from 23 December � 21 January. If you wish to call and make enquiries please do so before or after these dates. Emails will be answered after the 21 January.


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