Kristin McIver @ Dudspace tonight

Artist statement

In today’s fast paced global economy, the outsourcing of production is essential to sustain a competitive edge. The fast turnaround of disposable commodities ensures the delivery of profit to expectant shareholders.

Carefully crafted copy and airbrushed imagery create tomorrow’s ideal. As the cash registers ring, the next offer is on the table. This ever hastening cycle is powered by the outsourcing of production. From the home to the global financial markets, outsourcing drives today’s economy.

It is no different in the world of art.

The outsourcing of artwork production has been in practice since the renaissance. In the latter part of the 20th century, the introduction of conceptual art moved the focus away from craftsmanship toward a greater emphasis on the idea.

As a commentary on the age of globalised outsourcing (from commodities markets to the art world) the production of Kristin McIver’s The artist is not present was outsourced from start to finish. The design, fabrication, installation, promotion and titling of the artwork was contracted to 3rd party suppliers.

In this work, concept is everything. A fabricated readymade, the artwork’s value is purely conceptual – its form being secondary to the idea behind it.

The artist is not present within the work anywhere other than the original idea.

The artist is not present, 2012
Medium: Neon
Edition: 1 of 100
Size: 12 x 68cm
Price: $2800


Other News

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