Richard Dunlop

October 4, 2012October 27, 2012

In this body of work, established artist Richard Dunlop revisits ongoing themes which have permeated his practice for many years, making fresh contributions to these areas of investigation. Stylistically Dunlop continues to dissolve the boundaries between genres such as still-life, botanical art, landscape and abstraction. While his luminous oil paintings defy easy categorisation, they readily render an archaeology of the mind.

•À_This is an exhibition of paintings of revisited subjects, impregnated with history and nostalgia for the celebration of stages of life, repositories of aspirations and anxieties, and prescient of the passage of time •À_ a smorgasbord of natural history, vanitas and a revisit to Australian landscape paintings I have been making for over 15 years now.•À_ Richard Dunlop, 2012

Underpinning these investigations is an ever-present awareness of the cyclical forces of the nature, as the patterns of death, decay and renewal are frequently alluded to, through many fine glazes and sensual smears of translucent oil paint.

A prominent mid-career artist Richard Dunlop is the recipient of numerous major Awards, such as the prestigious 2012 Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize (Painting Category) held the South Australian Museum, and is well represented in private and public collections throughout Australia and internationally