Inspired by Injalak

July 20, 2006August 13, 2006

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In 2005, indigenous artists from the Injalak Hill area in western Arnhem Land, focused strongly on this ancient Aboriginal rock art site – and the imagery of their forefathers. Printmaker Andrew Sinclair facilitated a group of artists to create a body of work on-site at Injalak Hill, enabling them to respond directly to the rock art. Creating work so strongly informed by this imagery is helping to continue both visual and oral traditions relating to the rock art site. The return to the origins of their art has been of particular significance to the artists involved, Graham Badari, Wilfred Nawirridj, Terrence Nabegeyo, and Gershoerm Garlngarr. The exhibition also features work by Bardayal ‘Lofty’ Nadjamerrek, Wesley Nganjmirra, and Allen Namaniyuo.