Ian Parry

May 11, 2006June 3, 2006

James Makin Gallery
716 High Street
Armadale Vic 3143
Ph: 03 9509 5032

Ian Parry’s meditative depictions of Tasmanian seascapes glow with a serene intensity. Parry relocated from Melbourne, where he occupied a well-respected position in the art scene, to coastal Tasmania seven years ago, furthering his lifelong commitment to capturing the boundlessness of the ocean. A commitment proclaimed by the strength of the recent paintings by this enigmatic senior artist.

In 43 Degrees South, Parry’s subject remains the sea and the horizon. Often this is married with the simplified forms of natural and man-made objects, such as hulls of abandoned ships, lone trees and other detritus of the coast. But more than just beautiful depictions of the sea, Parry’s work contains a metaphysical painterly subtext that conveys the psyche on a journey of contemplation, as does looking at the sea itself.