Four Recent Editions by Jazmina Cininas

July 7, 2012July 28, 2012

“She’s been a long time coming, I know, but I’m very pleased to be able to introduce to you at last “Kee-On-Ee was a trail blazer for her kind”, hot off the press. The model for this image is the actress Marie Walcamp, who played Kee-On-Ee in the silent film “The Werewolf”, made by Canada’s Bison Films way back in 1913. It was the very first werewolf film ever made, based on a story by Henry Beaugrand in which the Navajo Kee-On-Ee transforms her daughter, Watuma, into a werewolf so that she may exact revenge upon the invading white man. Sadly, the film was lost to a warehouse fire in 1924.” Jazmina Cininas, 2012