Holly Greenwood

The pub. It’s a place I am continuously drawn to. It’s where people let their guard down and talk... and drink. There is a sense of community in each pub I go to and that’s a very comforting feeling. In a world where people are increasingly becoming more isolated physically from one another, the pub still holds onto that sense of togetherness. There is nothing quite like sitting in a pub and drawing.I am often very challenged by it, going into a country pub as a young woman on your own and painting is quite out there. People often ask me ‘why are you painting us? Why not something more interesting?’I’m drawn to people and how they interact with one another. I’m drawn to a place that I believe is fading from our lives. Technology has driven us into a world where we are increasingly connected but at the same time not connected at all. We can never be fully present and enjoy where we are right now, but I believe the pub still holds onto those core values of connectivity.Through my works I’m continuously exploring these ideas. Using either oil sticks or gouache I am attempting to capture a feeling and moment in time. The beer stained carpets and cackles of drunken laughter. The abandoned rooms. A faded world. A place I will always go to until the last man/woman is standing.Holly Greenwood. October, 2018.