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Congratulations to Richard Dunlop - Winner of the $12K Waterhouse Art Prize (2014-07-26)

Congratulations to Richard Dunlop - Winner of the $12K Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize at the South Australian Museum is an international prize dealing specifically with themes of natural science and environmental concerns. It is the second time Richard has won the award in the paintings category, which was judged this year by Kate Bergin (artist) and Andrew Durham (former art conservator for the Tate Gallery).

In relation to the work, Richard stated:

The Path of the Eel (2013) is a neo-Romantic Australian landscape featuring an iconic and most adaptable animal that I have admired since childhood. The composition simultaneously involves a vertical Eastern landscape and one which refers to the multiple panoramic views of land and fauna made by nineteenth century naturalists and explorers. I like to make works that have deep roots in art history, and which address issues of the beauty of natural forms and the importance of their preservation.

Pictured: The Path of the Eel, (2013), oil on board, 120 x 180 cm