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Forthcoming solo exhibition July 2016

Jonathan Crowther is a contemporary still life realist painter. His work explores the everyday overlooked objects of daily life. Working at a micro level he enlarges the objects to a macro scale, causing a degree of abstraction while utilising photorealist and classical painting techniques.

In 2014 Crowther completed his Masters in Contemporary Art with first class honours from the VCA. In 2015 he was awarded an Art Start Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts and went on to win the $15000 Eutick Memorial Still Life Award judged by Sydney Morning Herald art critic John McDonald. In 2009 he was also the winner of the prestigious Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and has been a finalist for a number of other awards and competitions.

With his latest collection, ‘Signs of Life’, Crowther explores the historical motif of the vase and flowers. For centuries this motif has been a central theme in still life paintings, reaching it’s peak of popularity during the Dutch Golden Age. Crowther’s large scale paintings somewhat subvert this popular schema by creating vases out of things in his own studio, from pen lids to soy sauce containers, each micro in scale. The flowers are not roses or lilies, but rather small flowers from bushes and trees he has collected from walking the streets of his local neighbourhood. The result are finely crafted paintings that bring attention to these often everyday overlooked objects and flora.

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