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Kristin McIver is an Australian artist whose practice includes sculpture, painting and installation. Utilising materials such as neon and acrylic, McIver’s works explore the themes of desire and aspiration prevalent in our hyper-consumer culture. Through her work, the artist aims to break down the illusions of commodity aesthetics.

Borrowing advertising’s very tools of seduction - emotive language, light, and hyper-gloss materials - her artworks mimic the seductive promotions of commoditised ideals before exposing the impact of perpetual consumer cycle on our identity, culture and environment. By subverting the very notion of desire, McIver’s works expose the false realities imposed by urban indoctrination. Her more recent works place the viewer and the environment as listed media within the artworks, to both claim ownership over them and removing the valorisation of the art object.

A Questionable Choice was selected as the winner of the inaugural Melbourne Sculpture Prize 2012. McIver’s work has been selected as finalist in a number of awards and residencies, including the Melbourne Sculpture Prize (2012), Montalto Sculpture Prize (2009/2010), Substation Contemporary Art Prize (2011), and 3rd Ward’s Summer Open Call in New York (2010).

Kristin has returned to the Victorian College of the Arts and MCM in 2013 where she is undertaking her Master of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) under the supervision of Dr Stephen Haley. Her thesis
This is Your Life: Art and Seduction in the Age of Hyper-capitalism explores the work of Guy Debord, whose seminal theses Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord suggests that “Everything that was once lived has moved away into representation” . The implications of this statement are increasingly prevalent in today’s mediated state of advanced capitalism. Her research project explores the influence of commodity fetishism on identity (and its appearance), and to what level we are complicit in the separation of self and simulacra.

Her work is held in the National Gallery of Victoria and in private collections in Victoria, New South Wales, Perth, Singapore, USA and the UK.
Kristin McIver is represented in Victoria by James Makin Gallery.

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