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A passion for the Australian landscape compels the recent work of Adam Nudelman. However more that just picturesque vistas, Nudelman introduces an element of uncertainty. Driven by personal family experiences relating to immigration and cultural heritage, he investigates issues surrounding identity, what creates it, and how identity is formed through memory and reality.

Complex structures placed in an otherwise romantic landscape are a striking feature of his work. Blood red, and convincingly painted as hard unyielding steel, their inclusion subverts the otherwise innocuous surrounds. A statement about the imposed coldness of modernity into nature – Nudelman also uses these structures to symbolise a sense of discord and duality. In some works the steel objects have been removed, instead a feeling of hope is instilled through his stunning depiction of sunlight breaking through a threatening sky, as seen in
The Welcome Break.

Nudelman has exhibited widely both in Victoria and interstate.

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