March 7, 2015March 28, 2015

James Makin Gallery is proud to launch the first in a new series of works by Georgie ROXBY-SMITH. “Happy End Game”

To co-inside with her works being curated into the current exhibition “Data Flow – Digital Influence” at the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery from March 3 – April 12.
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Artist Statement

Maiden in distress. Hypersexualised bimbo. Harrassed female gamer.

Bad ass.

Gun in hand, the protagonist in Happy End Game •À_ a feminist first person shooter game •À_ firmly returns the power to her female counterparts.

In the climate of gamergate, which saw feminist video game critics receiving rape and death threats (alongside having their home addresses published online) for questioning the position of female characters in video games, Georgie Roxby Smith has built her own game in which the lead female character has the opportunity to take down the •À_white male heroes•À_ that dominate gender and race representation in the gaming industry.

All she needs to achieve her end game is to cross an abstracted gallery space populated with domestic appliances (reminiscent of art plinths) and reach her own arcade game. But can she do it and is her epic battle really the end or is the fight forward a perpetual one?