Either side: Curated by Michael Brennan

July 8, 2014August 3, 2014

Artists included include:
Fabrizio Biviano (illustrated)
Michael Brennan
Paul Batt
Nicholas Ives
Aaron Martin

So you’re faced with two options •À_ two possibilities. Similarities and differences.

Which do you see?

The works in this exhibition don’t collectively embrace a concrete subject, champion a particular cause or gravitate around a clearly enunciated theme. Instead, Either Side looks at definition and differentiation as qualities of judgement and understanding. The individual works employ contrast and transition in considering how shared or disparate characteristics affirm identity and assign value or meaning, emphasising the tension of the space in between. Meanwhile, symmetry, mirroring, duplication and interruption are employed as curatorial devices across the exhibition, extending the ideas in the individual works across the space as a whole.