Adam Nudelman

October 12, 2006November 4, 2006

James Makin Gallery
716 High Street
Armadale Vic 3143
Ph: 03 9509 5032

A passion for the Australian landscape compels the recent work of Adam Nudelman. Created after an extended period of travel throughout Europe, this recent body of work continues to use the landscape as a vehicle to investigate issues surrounding identity, driven by the artist’s personal experiences relating to immigration and cultural heritage.

•À_You might see the parched ochre of a central Australian Desert, with the You Yangs tinged blue in the distance. The sum of its composite parts, each sits comfortably within the romantic notion of Australia’s wide open spaces and big skies. A picturesque vision, were it not subverted by the strange hybrid structures which populate Nudelman’s work.•À_ Marguerite Brown (Catalogue Introduction)