Patrick Dagg

Patrick Dagg’s work looks at systemic hierarchies that exist around us, particularly in regard to the notions of value and taste. Drawing on found materials, graffiti and low-art traditions, Dagg aim’s to draw attention to the faddish consumption models and indulgent behaviours of contemporary culture. Working across a variety of mediums, his practice examines the greater mechanisms at work, whether in a social or institutional sense and attempts to invert or disrupt them.

Paintings are produced in conjunction with other media such as glue, paper, porcelain, neon, fabric, oil pastel, charcoal and obviously oil paint. For this reason Dagg feel’s the works are more akin to collage, an assemblage of different materials using glue whereby context and content are often subverted to create a kind of gestalt. He is interested in post medium painting and employing a series of processes to produce pictures or collages that are not driven by aesthetic, formal concerns but rather a series of organised processes that break down surface and suspends the action of their making. Walking the fine line between creation and destruction.

“Fragments of narrative, humour and rhetoric merge with various found and acquired materials, questioning if something presents itself as art is it so?”  Patrick Dagg.

Forthcoming solo exhibition February 2018

Born, Melbourne 1985.


2014 Masters of Contemporary Art, (First Class Honours), VCA, Melbourne 2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts, UNSW, Sydney


2014 Douglas Gordon Fellowship
2014 VCA Creative Scholarship
2013 Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship
2013 Proud Awards: Winner of MEAA/NTEU Acquisitive prize


2018 New Work, James Makin Gallery, (Forthcoming)
2016 Daggy Designs Launch, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne 2012 Don’t Let our Youth Go To Waste, Artsite Gallery, Sydney 2012 Crash Paintings, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney


2016 Render 2016, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne 2014 Masters Exhibition 2014, VCA, Melbourne
2014 Windsor Art Prize, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne
2013 Proud 2013, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne


Private collections across Australia and Europe.